About Max

I started my career as a tattoo artist in 1987 when I started my apprenticeship with Charlie Moore. Charlie open Classic Tattoo in Fullerton Ca. in 1989. I finished my apprenticeship April of that same year and continued working there for several more years before moving on to work at Tattooland with Jack Rudy, and Creeper. Fun fact is that I was hired to replace Corey Miller who had just started his shop Six Feet Under. Who later went on to star on the TV show LA ink.

After several more years at Tattooland I started my own shop Flying Tiger Tattoo. Over the next ten or so years I also travel to many convention and did many guest spots on the west coast. In the late 90’s the travel bug hit me hard, which caused me to find myself in Japan, New Zealand and England to meet other artist. Which in the end brought me too Norway.

I opened Max Tattoo in Oslo in 2003, which I still own and operate. Since then I have traveled and work around Norway from Drammen to as far north as Alta where I live for over 3 years before returning to Oslo where I’m currently working.